What am I doing with this blog?

I came to this website today to find one of my favorite recipes: Orange Zucchini Bread,  This is probably one of the best Zucchini breads I’ve ever made and I’m so glad I saved the recipe here because I’m not sure exactly how I found it in the first place.  As I was navigating the site (which I need to make easier to navigate) I became really sad as I realized the mindset I was in when I started compiling these menus and recipes.

I was desperately trying to lose weight because I was told my weight was causing me to lose my vision.  There’s an actual diagnosis for what was going on, which I won’t put here.  So I invested a lot of money in a weight loss company and experienced some great results and I created this website to track my recipes, document my favorite modifications and versions, etc.  I want to clarify I’m not much of a real cook and I certainly don’t create my own recipes – I just wanted to place to store my ideas so I could come back to them again.

Several years later I’m at a way different place in my life.  I’ve learned all about the pitfalls and manipulation in diet culture.  I’m learning to love who I am and strive for health, not some unattainable number on the scale.  I’ve learned that the reason popular weight loss companies thrive is because THEY DON’T WORK – and they have repeat customers.  They have a lot of job security in a society driven by body insecurity.

I think there have been some great strides to improve body image and acceptance in recent years, but we have a long ways to go.  For me – this means starting with me.  I’m going to work to totally revamp and change my website to remove all suggestion of any diet plan.  Let’s face it – some of these recipes suck!  I’m going to delete the crummy ones.  Finally – I’m going to start sharing things that I find, learn from, and enjoy about body positivity and delicious things to eat.  Eventually I’ll connect this to my social media and put it all together in a diet-free, body positive package.

But first – I need to make some Orange Zuchhini Bread.  I can’t wait to enjoy it!

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