Another cooking blog?

Yes – this is another cooking blog.  I love cooking for my family, I love entertaining, I love planning, I love cooking, I struggle with healthy choices, I have a hectic life, and I just want to be organized.  I find most of my favorite recipes online and I use Pinterest to keep track of what I want to cook…but I often want to tweak recipes or I lose track of where to find them or links go away.  So here I am – I’m going to track my menu and recipes including tweaks so I can access it whenever I need to.  All of the recipes will be items that I have tried.

I will also “tag” my recipes so I can find ideas quickly.  I hate when I struggle to know what to plan, forgetting that 6 months ago I made something amazing and I can’t remember what it was.  I am using a weight loss program that I pay for, and I’m sure their information is copyrighted.  For that reason, I will refrain from using the name of the program anywhere in my blog…instead I’ll tag recipes that are program friendly “program.”  Finally, some of their recipes require a specific ingredient that I purchase from the program.  When that happens, I’ll include an “*” next to the ingredient, telling me to supplement that ingredient.

When I can, I’ll give original credit for the recipes.  Keep in mind that I live in Colorado, so some of my tweaks may be high altitude related.

Maybe you’ll find something delicious…thanks for reading!

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